Monday, July 6 - Friday, July 10

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Ages 6-8

$135 members, $165 non-members

What will we be doing? Join us in the great outdoors! This site-specific camp asks kids to observe and think critically about their environment and use it as a space to create. Campers will work individually and collectively to create temporary, site-specific sculptures out of material found in their natural environments as well as making art inspired by the shapes, textures, and colors of materials we find and sustainably harvest from the natural world.

Meet your instructor!

Julynn is a movement/dance artist and educator who works with all ages and abilities. One of her favorite reminders is that “balance” is a verb to practice, not a noun to achieve. In her life, she balances idealism with action, serious conviction with humor, and the chaos of artistic practice with nicely organized Excel spreadsheets. She loves hiking, gardening, and nature documentaries and never passes up the opportunity for a good pun. She is grateful to have worked with some of the amazing arts nonprofits in Helena including Cohesion Dance Project, the Holter Museum, and the Myrna Loy Center, and can’t wait for this upcoming summer of creativity and joy!

Covid-19 Changes: