Dungeons and Dragons is a table-top role-playing game in which players create characters with unique traits, abilities, and personalities to then play together as a crew of adventurers on an epic quest. Throughout their journey, players must work together (or sometimes against) to problem-solve. The format and fantasy play of Dungeons and Dragons allows for socialization and creative expression through role-play. It is the best kind of learning! Learning through play!

Come goblin, elf, gnome, human, or drow - join an experienced Dungeon Master in a game of dice and fantasy adventure! This 2 session Bubble Pod introduces a group of adventurers to the wonders of fantasy role play through a session of character creation and basic rules to the ever-popular Dungeons and Dragons followed by a second session 1-shot* campaign.

If participants enjoy the game and parent-guardians would like, this "1-shot" campaign can be extended for a longer story line lasting multiple sessions.

*1-shot refers to the duration of the campaign; it means the story line will start and end in the 3 hour time period.