For those of us who like to play with the objects around us and who cannot get enough of fidget spinners and other interactive 3-D objects, this course offers an introduction to the basics of sculpture, designing and building an object that can support itself and, if the creator chooses, can be played with.

Students will try their hands at:

  • shaping sculptures in cardboard, clay, metal+wire, and fabric, among other materials
  • will learn how to create a self-support sculptural form, such as a clay pinch pot
  • will learn the mechanics of a puppet
  • how to consider objects outside their traditional use, i.e  a blanket becomes a sled on a concrete floor or a fort when draped over furniture, a bucket becomes a gnome-house or a stool, a piece of bread becomes clay to form the joints of a puppet...

...and walk away with a creative eye to the everyday objects we encounter!