Snoogley, Waldorf

Artist: Un-named Student, a.k.a Snoogley
Bio: This piece was created by a student during an Adventures in Cardboard residency at Waldorf City of Lakes School in Minneapolis, MN. The piece is part of an original card game that was built during the residency and asked participants to produce their own characters, character backstory, and "playing" abilities within the fantasy world of the card games. By the time the card game was introduced, participants had played Dungeons and Dragons with a Games-Master (traditionally known as an Art and Play Instructor) who guided them through the basics of character creation, world creation, and theatrical roleplay. Having experienced these different forms of creative thinking and game mechanics, players were given a "character template" with a blank figure for them to design/customize and questions guiding them through the game mechanics of the card game to finalize the abilities of their character. The finished character template was given to one of the Art and Play Instructors (a professional illustrator) to be drawn and turned into a card.
Artist Statement: ...snicker...giggle....pfft....