This Game Day has passed.

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What will we be doing? This 3 hour game day is All Hallows' Eve themed, with participants joining 1 of 3 teams caught in a centuries long fight between the primal magic of the beast folk, the deadly high magic of the undead vampire lords, and the brain and engineering power of the rogue-ish Frankenstein-esque humans.

Each of the 3 teams will have special powers based in their myth and history. Participants are welcome to bring costumes (that allow movement and are weather-aware) in the spirit of their assigned team!

The day will start with an Armory session during which we will build sword-taggers, shields, and other fantastic cardboard creations.

With our armoire of cardboard completed, we will begin to tell the story on All Hallows Eve through epic duels, deaths, and battles.

werewolf, sans aic
Vamp, sans aic
human, sans aic