This Game Day has been canceled in light of a staff exposure to Covid-19

What will we be doing?On November 21st, join us in exploring the history of one of the original clans of Middengaard - Ulvriskar, the clan of the Wolverine!

Each of the 3 teams will have special powers based in their myth and history.

The day will start with an Armory session during which we will build sword-taggers, shields, and other fantastic cardboard creations.

With our armoire of cardboard completed, we will begin to tell our yet-to-be written story through epic duels, deaths, and battles.

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An introduction to the Lore:

Join one of three different factions striving to endure the harsh winters beyond the mountains: The steadfast Mammoth wanderers, who wish to hold onto their Taansko roots in this new, frozen land; The formidable hunters of the Sabretooth, who have learned that discipline and force are the path to victory; And the enigmatic Yeti shamans, who have discovered new magic in the ice caves and become one with the landscape.
As winter closes in, the three forerunners of Ulvriskar are being pushed to conflict. Who will reign supreme in the north? Who will become the ascendant to the Wolverine clan and return to Middengaard? And is there room for a third clan? You decide!