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What if adults (ages 18 to 100+) came together to build cardboard swords and taggers only to then split up into teams and play-fight out epic battles, enact out dramatic deaths, and run like screaming children through parks with flags in hand?! .... Welcome to Adventures in Cardboard's Kids at Heart / Games for Grownups!

The same programming that has garnered a reputation for leaving kids battling for more is now available for adults too!

Build sword-taggers and shields together and then play field games and Capture the Flag. Keep your custom taggers to take home and continue to fight with!

The day will start with an Armory session during which we will build sword-taggers, shields, and other fantastic cardboard creations.

With our armoire of cardboard completed, we will begin to tell our yet-to-be written story through epic duels, deaths, and battles.

Why fantasy play for adults?

  • There is arguably no better way to bring a team together, whether it is specifically as a team building exercise or simply for the thrill of playing together after working together, than to hand everyone a sword and host a competitive dueling circle! You know you want to…
  • Going over battle tactics and strategy helps participants reflect on their own strengths and the strengths of their teammates in a way that is both individualistic and collaborative.
    • Our programming can be adjusted to help individuals label self-strengths and then collectively recognize how their strengths work within a team setting. We tend to assign ourselves labels, such as “the creative”, “the leader”, “the organizer”, and “the activator” when working in team spaces. What if we wore colors to represent these “labels” and then worked with our team in competitive games where we recognize each other’s strengths as they play out in a visible way beyond work-place confines. Just one of the many ways to customize programming to team building exercises.
  • You have to think strategically, collaboratively, and quickly while playing Capture the Flag. In order to win, your team needs to work together.