Land Recognition

Please note that this recognition is incomplete. It is actively being worked on.

The hope is that this verbal/written acknowledgement of indigenous lands goes beyond the intent of recognition and holds the Holter to actively working with Helena's tribal communities to listen and respond to expressed needs and wants, and to have programming designed with and for native voices and for the greater Helena community.

The Holter Museum of Art recognizes the land in and around Helena, Montana and the space upon which the museum stands as traditional Blackfoot and Salish Kootenai territories, and at one point in time, Shoshone territory as well. This recognition is meant as an acknowledgement of the space the museum holds within colonized lands and the significance, as a cultural and educational space, the museum must place on Indian Education for All and on the representation of Native voices within the contemporary arts world.

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Holter Creates is an extension of the Holter Museum of Art, serving as the basis for the museum's educational programming. You can find resources for kids, teens, adults, and community growth through this website, as well as more information about the Holter's educational mission.

The Holter Museum inspires, connects, and heals our community through contemporary exhibitions and innovative arts programming.

Our education programming is designed with this mission in mind, seeking to engage learners in contemporary art and to create connections within our community.

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