Bubble Pods

Welcome to the pod!

In response to Covid-19 and the numbers of students who are learning together either at home or during the school districts Digital Learning Institute Days, Holter Creates is offering group learning experiences that teach art and art history in fun and engaging ways. Our Bubble Pods challenge learners to learn something new, offer a chance to play games and learn about game mechanics; including designing our own games together, socially engage in theatrical role play, and learn more about the wonders of art+math, art+science, art+creative writing, art+everything!
These classes are designed with small groups of participants in mind. Bubbles or pods of participants can reserve a time together to join a Holter Creates instructor in a series of art, social learning, and mixed curriculum activities!

Bubble Pod Workshops are 3 hours in length. Groups can be multi-age with Holter education staff approval. Not all ages work well together. Staff will help plan an experience in which all students can be successful and fully participate. Parents are not required to attend. Masks are required at all times. Groups may choose from a variety of experiences.
Bubble Pods up to 6 students--$175/group
Bubble Pods up to 9 students--$225/group

Please Note: Each Bubble Pod experience serves a private group of learners, meaning your Bubble Pod will not be mixed in with another Bubble Pod.

See a pod offering that interests you and your "bubble"? Click on pods to learn more about availability and pricing. To reserve a pod, click the "reserve" button and follow the instructions.