Covid 19 and the Holter Museum of Art Educational Programming

Masks are required for all participants

How is the Holter Museum of Art and our educational programming adopting to Covid-19?

Updates will be posted as virus restriction information becomes available or as government advisory procedures changes.

Class Changes:

  • Class size is limited to 10 participants; exceptions are made for programming that is entirely outdoors and adheres to government guidelines regarding safe group gathering size and procedures.
  • Holter staff is actively disinfecting our spaces by wiping down all commonly used surfaces (including armrests, railings, door handles, sink faucets, etc) with disinfectant before and after classes.
  • Each class will start with a quick check-in and reminder to students to avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands, to always cover their mouth and nose properly when they cough or sneeze, to keep their face mask covering their nose as well as mouth at all times, and to check in on social distancing and other behaviors to help protect ourselves and the community.
  • Participants will be provided with individual tools/art kits to use during classes.
  • End of week sharing/performances will be changed to accommodate either social distancing for the audience or will be recorded and shown via the Holter Creates website.

Lessening Transmission Risks:

  • Using face masks: The mask is primarily for preventing the release of or catching droplets produced when breathing and talking. Aerosolized particles seem to pose little risk outside. To that end all staff and participants are required to wear face masks at all times in the museum and educational spaces; staff and participants may remove their masks temporarily when 15' or more distant from others while outside, when eating or drinking and only after they have checked in with anyone else in the space to let them know they are removing their mask to eat or drink. Staff and participants are welcome to step outside, away from others, and take off their masks whenever they need a moment to catch their breath.
  • Prolonging physical distance: All participants and staff must maintain at least a 6' radius of distance from each other in the museum and educational spaces. A brief proximity closer than 6’ is acceptable for assisting each other for short periods of time no longer than a minute or two in duration and if both participants are conscious of directing their faces away from each other.
  • Hand washing: All students attending class will wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, as a group activity before each class. Hand sanitizer will also be available for use. We will wash or sanitize our hands at each transition between activities and at the end of the class.
  • Sterilization of individual and shared tools: Instructors will sterilize all equipment, tools, and common surfaces before participants arrive and after activities are finished. Individual tools/art packs will be set out for participants to use at the start of the class. There will be a designated spot at the end of the session for participants to gather tools/packs for sterilization.

Lessening Exposure:

  • Fever checks: All staff and participants must consent to a non-invasive temperature check when they arrive and must agree to leave the class if they have a fever. Refunds* will be offered if parties must stay away from camp.
  • Instructors must test negative to work: All instructors must consent to regular COVID 19 tests if possible and may not work at the museum or with educational programming if they test positive.
  • Exposed participants and staff stay home: All staff and participants must agree to stay away from educational programming if they or someone they are in close daily contact with tests positive for COVID 19. Refunds* will be offered if parties must stay away from programming.
  • Risk from travel: If you have traveled or plan to travel to an area with a known high infection rate for COVID 19, please register for a program that starts before you leave or starts at least 14 days after your return.

Refunds: Pre-registration is required for almost all educational programs at the Holter. You should register and pay for your workshop at least ten days before the first session. Full tuition will be refunded on any cancellation up to two weeks prior to beginning of class, after that 40% of tuition will be refunded upon cancellation. If you or your family tests positive for Covid or must quarantine in response to an exposure, contact the Holter education staff at,, or call us at 406-442-6400 x 10.